Online Assessment Platform White Papers

Top 4 Techniques to Make Online Examination System Secure

security aspect of online examination process is critical to overcome malpractices or unauthorized access to the information.

Security can be improved with techniques of Remote Proctoring, Secure Browser, Detailed Audit Logging.....

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Managing Online Exam with Exam Center Infrastructure

“Online Examination is becoming important aspect to conduct entrance exam of education institute, recruitment exam for hiring.

Splashgain has come up with unique proposition where examination proctoring along with entire examination management can be effectively executed using technology....”

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Top 4 Challenges to manage Online Exam Process

“Online Exam Process need to manage some of the critical processes to succeed.

Here are some of the challenges for managing online Internet Connectivity, Security, Communicating with Exam Candidates, Management of Question Bank”

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How to Analyze Personality using Online Psychometric Test

It has become apparent to verify personality traits of the candidate during selection/ hiring process. Many organisations are finding personality tests as important selection criteria apart from other parameters like academics, experience etc.

Personality test can provide useful insights about ability to work in the team, innovation quotient, integrity, ability to generate new ideas.

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How to Design Online Exam

“Examination or Assessment Process is shifting towards Online. Technology is evolving for the online exam process. Managing Online Exam Process has multiple workflows and exam attributes.

It is essential to have various online exam attributes in place to manage exam process successfully.”

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How to run coaching institute over internet

“Traditional method has limitations of scalability where you can teach limited set of students. Offline mode offers advantage of direct interaction with students. Teacher can develop direct communication with individual students. However in case of higher education or competitive professional course coaching such direct contact may not be essential. Student may just need guidance and tips to perform better.”

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Conduct Online Exam with Remote Invigilator for Authorization

Security of online examination is essential to get 100% accurate and authenticated results of the exam. In the recent times people have identified ways to hack online exam process or impersonate the candidate to manipulate the exam process for personal gains.

Many hi tech electronic devices are used to manipulate online exam process. Online Examination System should be secure to prevent such malpractices....

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Candidate Registration and Entrance Examination Management for Selection Process

“Today’s world demands analytical ability and practical knowledge of the various aspects. Entrance exams of the universities and institutes are defined to select candidates with better practical knowledge.

Entrance examinations are objective and questions are defined to test conceptual knowledge of the applicant instead of theoretical knowledge.”

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How Analytic of Online Assessment can Help Institutes, Universities

“Online Assessment system can provide insight for group performance for particular question with details including total no of candidates attempted the question, total no of candidates answered correctly, total candidates answered incorrectly etc.

This analysis useful to understand knowledge of the candidates for particular question of specific topic. Additional inferences can be identified with detailed analysis of question response based on location, gender, Region of the candidate appearing for Online Assessment.”

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How to manage Online and Offline Assessment Process to overcome internet challenge

“Online assessment can be conducted with the help of online/ Offline combinational model. In case of areas where internet is a challenge , examination can be deployed on local server machine and users who want to appear for the assessment can connect to this local server.

As soon as assessment process is completed local server gets synced with the main server to save assessment details for the candidate.”

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Future of Skill Based Training and Development in India

“Skill development has been considered one of the critical aspect for job creation in India. India has unique demographic advantage with more than 60% of the population is in young age group.

As per current statistics only 10% of the fresh graduates are employable and rest of the 90% lack skills required for eligible to be hired by corporate. India’s GDP is growing at great rate of around 6-8% but job creation is not catching up with it...”

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How to Conduct Online Test Series for Your Training Course

“Online test series is an online assessment tool designed to help the students of your institute to be more prepared and competent for any of the competitive exams conducted all throughout the country.

By registering for an online test series, they will have access to thousands of test questions prepared by expert faculty covering different subjects related to the competitive exam students will be taking along with other aspirants.Advantages of Online Test Series”

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India’s Top Banking Examination Training Organization using Online Assessment Platform to train students for the Banking exams.

“India is in good position to train youth with required skill sets and provide man power to rest of the world along with Indian requirements. Training with consideration of future requirement would be the essence of skill India campaign.

In order to succeed in this campaign India would need domain knowledge of various sectors/ segments like hospitality, retail, travel, transport, machine repairing, electrical work.”

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